Vlad Genin

Ph.D. and Professor of Management Science & Engineering, Doctor of Business Administration (USA, Silicon Valley), Chief Designer of major USSR defense and civilian enterprises.
In the late 1980s, Dr. Genin started his U.S. business career in Silicon Valley in international business development, defense conversion, Hi Tech & Internet Technology transfer being a partner of Dr. Harry Sello, one of the pioneers of the Silicon Valley. Since 2001 to present  — International Business Coach.
Dr. Genin’s positions in the USA include: Chief Program Coordinator at the Morrison Institute at Stanford University, and General Editor/Author of the world-famous book on defense conversion (Silicon Valley, California), Co-Director of the international program at the Center for International Studies, University of California (UCLA, Los Angeles, California), Plenipotentiary Representative of the International Higher Education Academy of Sciences in the United Nations (New York). Vice-Chairman of the International Committee of the American Institute of Architects (San Francisco), Executive Adviser to presidents of U.S. and foreign universities on international business administration.
From 2001 to present Dr. Genin has been Campus College Chair, School of Business and IT at the University of Phoenix (San Francisco — Silicon Valley Metropolitan Area, California) — a member of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Joint Venture Silicon Valley. Among his graduates are about five thousand successful business executives in the USA and many countries of the world.