The course “Omni-channel marketing: technology of continuous communications in business”

3500 грн.

Omni-channel marketing: technology of continuous communications in business


Viktoria Karp

💡The course is dedicated to the knowledge of the latest marketing technologies, without knowledge and use of which it is impossible to gain and retain the leading positions on the market.

🔍The course is suited for marketers, company managers, sales managers who are eager to keep pace with the times, crave constant development and are ready to innovate and change the concept of business and marketing and therefore MUST own this information.

You will learn:
📌 What is omniscience, what are its meaning and tools;
📌 Why is the realization of omni-channality an objectively necessary condition for successful functioning and development;
📌 How companies implement a strategy of omni-channel marketing;
📌 How do consumers purchase in an omniscient environment: what do they buy and where, how much they spend, what motivations and incentives motivate them and what prevents them from acquiring more;
📌 What content should be placed on different channels to maximize sales by increasing the conversion rate;
📌 What are the Customer Journey Map, rules and principles of its construction.

📘MODULE 1: Omni-channel marketing: a new level of interaction with the client📘

1. The essence and basic tools of omni-channel marketing
2. New channels of communication – new opportunities in business
3. Omni-channel marketing strategies
4. 5 vivid examples of omni-channelity in marketing
5. The main mistakes of omni-channel marketing

📘MODULE 2: Omni-channel marketing: what you need to know about the habits of a modern customer📘

1. What happens in the head of the customer
2. Motivation of the consumer and what motivates him to buy
3. Omni-channel link between buyer and seller
4. Building an omni-channel Customer Journey Map
5. Specificity of using omni-channelity in Ukrainian realities

📍The place: Melnykova, 36/1📍

💵Price: 3500 UAN💵