The course “Neuromarketing 2.0: Direct and hidden influence on the behavior of the customer and his choice”

3500.00 грн.

Neuromarketing 2.0: Direct and hidden influence on the behavior of the customer and his choice


Viktoria Karp

8 lections
Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday
From the 16th of May till the 1st of June, 2018

💡We find the secret techniques of marketing and open up the curtain of brand communications and consumer sensing. Armed and ready to practice.

🔍The course is suited for marketers, company managers, sales managers who are eager to keep pace with the times, crave constant development and are ready to innovate and change the concept of business and marketing and therefore MUST own this information.

You will learn:

📌 The essence of neuromarketing. Motives for buying. Why did you buy this? You was figured out!

📌 Mirror neurons. Establishment of connection with the consumer. The wine is tastier in a crystal glass than in a plastic cup, is not it?

📌 Neurotransmitter dopamine. Instinct of self-preservation and social status as stimulants to purchase. Where does the pleasure of shopping come from? We are looking for the guilty.

📌 Influence on the subconscious. Associatives, hidden advertising. What do you associate with a fork? And lemon cake? And their tandem?

📌 Somatic markers. Unconscious leadership of emotional images when choosing goods. Did everyone watch cartoons in childhood? Does everyone celebrate their favorite holidays? Is everyone trapped on an emotional marketing hook? All.

📌 Smells. Use of aromatic effects in marketing. They came, felt, bought. Why is that?

📌 Sound images. Audiobranding and brand sounds. Have you heard a contagious jingle song in your head?

📌The power of rituals. Creation of consumer traditions. What crashes into your life and becomes a part of you?

📍The place: Melnykova, 36/1, room 110📍

💵Price: 3500 UAN💵


💵For the IIR students: 3000 UAN💵

💵1 lecture: 400 UAN💵