Two-day intensive on digital-marketing “Why Business Needs Online Promotion?”

2500.00 грн.


For whom:

📌Beginners who want to understand digital marketing and gain new knowledge.
📌Business owners in order to control the contractors and have an idea of ​​how the digital marketing is organized.
📌Beginners-marketers for new ideas in online promotion.


Why is useful:

Intensive will be conducted by practitioners who, in simple words, will declare the principles and “pitfalls” of online promotion.
Get a clear idea of ​​where to start promoting your product on the Internet.
Find out the reason why budgets for online advertising are being formed.


What you get:

📎Learn about online promotion opportunities.
📎Learn how to correctly identify the goals of an advertising campaign.
📎You will be able to select the necessary tools for promotion on the Internet.
📎Learn how to measure the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
📎Get the necessary information to help you choose and control the contractor.



🔑Sales Auctions (AIDA)
🔑Terms and concepts
🔑Overview of tools and CRIs (organic traffic, paid traffic, social network traffic, email marketing)
🔑CA Definition (Empatience Card)
🔑The Way of the User (See-Think-Do-Care).
🔑Defining goals and setting tasks

Theory + practice for those who wish
🔑Traffic Analysis Tool. Google Analytics Overview
🔑Creating a Business Page in Facebook.
🔑An overview of an advertising account on Facebook.
🔑Structure of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords.
🔑Selection of semantics for advancement in search.
🔑Budget forecasts for Google Adwords search campaigns.

Practice for those who wish, case studies, summing up
🔑Targeting selection for promotion on the Google Display Network.
🔑Budget projections for Google Adwords contextual advertising campaigns.
🔑Tips on choosing contractors.
🔑Casey with both positive and negative experience.
🔑Summaries, questions and discussions.



📍Place – street. Melnikov, 36/1📍
💵Cost: 2500 UAH💵
💵When paying by November 15 – 2000 UAH💵


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Number of participants is limited