Irina Chizhik

Business trainer, consultant in the field of organizational development, assessor.

“11 years ago I was very lucky to find a job for my soul: I’m a business coach. I did not find it right away, at first I had to work for ten years as a manager in the corporate business, but this experience gave me valuable practical “chips” and unique personal “bumps.” It is important for a coach to have something to share with a group.

The most interesting thing for me is people. What they are, what they want and how they get it. In business, goals and results are very important. And where the achievement of goals depends on the quality of people’s communication – and the process itself. Therefore, the main topics with which I work¬† in trainings are related precisely to this: how to build a dialogue between a leader and a subordinate, what is important to talk to an employer and a candidate, how to communicate your thoughts to colleagues and clients, how to get what you want.

For me in the training the main figure is the attitude of the participants: to the topic / problem / company, to each other, to me (as “to the person and the boat”) and to the training process itself. If it is good to build this layer, then any skills become a background, which are improved and transferred to practice as if by themselves – fascinating and painless. And I like it when it’s possible to talk about difficult topics in the training and work simply and not boring.

Therefore, I want to say a few words about the side of my coaching work, which “at first glance, it seems, is not visible”: in the training program you can not describe it and can not measure it in numbers.

For example, I am good at working with “difficult” (according to customers) participants. Usually these are strong practices, which often “did not end universities”, they do not climb for words into their pockets, they “suffered” their experience and cherish their authority. And, of course, they like to check the coach’s “weaknesses.” And when these people begin to share at the end of the training, that they did not really want to go, they did not want to see it, they did not see much sense in this, and now they are not afraid to admit that they changed their minds and the training was much “miraculous”, for me and for group is always an “ordinary miracle”, which we did together.¬† So if you have “valuable, but difficult shots”, or you yourself are such a frame – come. I will not give up work, and if you or your employees are the true adherents of learning and development, who recognize its benefits and are motivated for practical application.

And at my trainings we work a lot with the examples and experiences of the participants, we manage to tell sometimes dramatic, sometimes funny stories from practice, and even talk a little “about life”. All this not only helps to consolidate skills. People in a special way begin to recognize long-familiar colleagues, establish relationships with those who were not known personally or communicated only by phone and even manage to solve actual problems informally. Often for this purpose, customers organize corporate parties.

With a good coach, as with a family doctor, companies go together for years and joyfully recommend good acquaintances. I am very pleased that this is how we find each other, grow and develop together with our clients, and even if we sometimes get sick, we always get well!”