Classes at the School of a Young Ukrainian Diplomat

Course “Neuromarketing 2.0”

Course “Visual Analytics 2.0. NLP”

Course “Visual Analytics”

Course “Neuromarketing by Victoria Karp”

Management Thinking for International Lawyers

Meeting with Givi Topchishvili

IIR Business Talks with Vasyl Myroshnychenko

Course “Being a Leader: the effective exercise of leadership”

Business Talks with Evgeniy Shevchenko

Business Talks with Sergey Tumasov

Course “Financial markets and capital management”

Course “Personal branding and business communication”

Course “Psychology of influence: the science of persuasion, the logic of manipulative technics

Course “Business negotiations: effective methods of business communication”

Official opening of the IIR Business School

23rd of May,  2017